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Playing the Lottery is a risky endeavor. It is important to make sure that the selections you pick and spend your money on are well worth it. You cannot do all that by yourself. In an area were errors cost you the potential win you need to use technology to improve your selection and to make sure that you have the right strategy in place to have the best chances possible.

Prediction Technology Services
• Prediction Consultancy
• Online Forecasts
• Prediction Services
• Workouts and Rundowns
• Advanced Selection Tools
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• and more can help you. With experience of more the 35 years in the development and design of lottery software we provide forecasting services, advanced online systems, tools and workouts to lottery players worldwide. We are offering a large variety of approaches to accommodate the indiviaul needs of each player.

Click on picture to enlarge!With us you are not alone. We provide support by email as well as phone and will assist you in reaching your goal: to improve your numbers selection. Talk to a Prediction Technology Consultant or a Senior Prediction Analyst directly whenever needed. While we are strongly focusing on Pick 3 and Pick 4 lotteries based on our long-term customer base we are also offering systems, tools and forecasts for Pick 5, Pick 6 and other Jackpot games.

Click on picture to enlarge!Whether you chose our renowned Quick Predict X forecast, access all our system as part of the Pick34 Special Users Group Membership or select one of our many successful software systems, offers the quality and customer service you need and expect. The growing amount of new customers and the large long-term customer base are proof that our systems and services are reliable and successful. The logos 34 (Pick34) and ΣΜ (STRICTLY MATHEMATICS) represent quality and customer support and stand for trustworthy web sites.

Join the group of happy customers and browse through our store or enjoy the free offerings on this web site and send us a comment, request or question via email at any time of the day.

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